Activise in less than a minute

  • Find out your candidate’s views on climate change via our Election Candidate View-Finder above.  Let them know what you think of their opinions.
  • Follow us on Twitter & help us build up our following.  We’d like to know of any assembly candidates on there so we can pressure them directly to support action on climate change.
  • Like us on Facebook & let us know what you think of our campaign.
  • Share our web-site with your network & encourage others to find out their candidate’s views.

If you’ve got more than a minute or 2…

  • Keep your ear to the ground for opportunities to raise climate change in political debates in the run-up to the election, for example radio phone-ins and let us know about them. Hopefully you’ll take part too!
  • If you’re feeling creative, it would be great to have some funky visual content for the web-site such as short video clips or animations of being a climate activist, or the effects of climate change in wales, or what fun it is to be interacting so directly with your Assembly candidates. Get in touch if you want to discuss any ideas with us.