Template Letter to Prime Minister

A suggested template for you to send to David Cameron urging him to persuade MEPs to back the emissions reduction target of 30%.

Or you can send a fax to him on 020 7925 0918

Dear Prime Minster,

I am urgently writing to you ahead of the important vote on climate change in the European Parliament tomorrow.

I am impressed by the international leadership that the UK has shown on climate change in the past, particularly on efforts to secure a 30% target for European emissions cuts.

However, I am very concerned to hear that many Conservative MEPs could undermine Britain’s leadership on this by voting against the 30% emissions target in the European Parliament vote. This is extremely concerning given the serious threat to the world from climate change, particularly for the poorest people on the planet.

I ask you as the British Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party to use all your influence to ensure that your MEPs back the 30% target in tomorrow’s vote, as well as continue to actively promote the 30% target with your European counterparts.

Yours sincerely,