Talking Climate at Cardiff Farmers’ Market

Stop Climate Chaos Cymru will be at the Riverside Farmer’s market in Cardiff on Sunday to talk about their latest campaign on climate change ahead of the Assembly elections in May.  

A coalition of 14 influential Welsh organisations drawn from environment and development groups, faith groups, women’s groups, trade unions and others, SCCCymru is asking all candidates in the coming elections to support action to tackle climate change in the next Assembly Government.

The Cardiff Business School has produced research showing that the Assembly can cut carbon and create jobs with a nationwide programme of home energy efficiency, by promoting smarter travel choices, and by providing the training so people in Wales can benefit from the green economy.  This election is an opportunity to let Assembly candidates know that their voters care about climate change and would like to see them support these proposals.

It is now possible for any-one in Wales to enter their post-code into the Candidate View-Finder (above) and find out what their candidates think of the campaign, and what their thoughts are on climate change.  Then, with the click of a button, people can directly contact their candidate by email or on Twitter and let them know what they think.

Louise Weinzweig, a climate activist organising Sunday’s stand says,
“People who come along to the stand on Sunday can use the Candidate View-Finder, pick up material on climate change activism, & find out more about the campaign.  
I’m pretty excited that we’re helping people communicate directly with their Assembly candidates and hope that Sunday will be a good opportunity to talk about our campaign.”

  • Donald Gisbey

    Unfriend nuclear power which is causing environmental damage on a global scale due to near impossibility of ensuring 100% safe operation. No room for human error. Contamination of food, poisoning of the oceans, all life in jeopardy. Science does not work by concensus, the truth is independent of however many work against it. Use common sense and look at the arguments being put forward. One example linked to below. How was this responded to by the IPCC? They find out Dr Morner was at a conference partially funded by an oil company and that he has been known to use dowsing and so declare his work null and void. Not one of the points about the actual issue of sea levels has been addressed. If he`s wrong why not say exactly where he`s wrong? If sea levels aren`t rising then there is no warming.
    We do need to reduce our demand on the planet`s resources and tackle environmental damage but crippling our economy in the attempt to solve a non-existent problem is going to do exactly the opposite. My grandparents house used to have ice on the inside of the windows in winter, they had food from their own garden, their household appliances were all about 40 years old and continued to function perfectly well with minimal maintenance, they never owned a car, never holidayed abroad, made do and never borrowed, and never felt deprived, having an innocent reverence for the simplest of things; their co2 footprint would probably be declared unachievable today.
    I think we need to relearn how to tread lightly on the earth and I think our political representatives should be chosen for this quality. In American Indian culture the chief always had less than anyone else in the tribe. In the best run businesses, the employees are always looked after first before the boss. Our aspirations need to be turned 180 if we`re serious about survival of our civilization. Otherwise in the not too distant future we`re in for a rude awakening and it won`t be the temperature rising.

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